Alden Kemper Recommends CAGES by Peg Kehret

CagesCages by Peg Kehret

Reviewed by Alden Kemper

Can you ever make up for your mistakes? This question lingers throughout the book Cages, which is about Kit, a 14 year old girl who makes a huge mistake and has to do 20 hours of volunteer work at the Humane Society. Peg Kehret, the author, writes this book in third person point of view which I think helps this book by seeing what’s happening in another person’s point of view as well as having enough detail to understand Kit’s emotions. I absolutely love this book because it is so detailed and is one of those books that you can’t put down.

Kit Hathaway is stuck. She never means to steal that golden bracelet. She’s just mad after not getting the lead in the school play and having to deal with her unbearable stepfather. Her mother is the only one who knows about Kit stealing the bracelet for a while. After being sentenced by the court for 20 hours of volunteer work at the Humane Society, Kit meets Lady, a medium-sized terrier with reddish-blonde fur. She wants to adopt Lady herself but she can’t. Join Kit as she discovers who she really is with help from her new best friend Lady.

The first reason why I like this book is because of the setting description. Peg Kehret, the author, describes the setting in Cages exactly how I would imagine it. The story mainly takes place at the Humane Society. It is described as loud and frantic. For example, Peg Kehret writes, “The noise was loud; it was frantic. The dogs sounded desperate as if they believed that if they barked loudly enough, someone would surly let them out.” Part of the story also takes place at Kit’s home, which is also loud because of Wayne, her stepfather, yelling all the time. I love the setting description because it’s very detailed and you can easily visualize it.

Another thing I like is the characters. Kit is the main character in this book. She is a 14 year old girl who is exactly 5 foot and ¾ inches tall. She has long brown hair and a thin, boyish figure. Tracy is Kit’s best friend and she turns 14 in the book. They do almost everything together. Tracy is an encouraging person who stands up for herself and Kit. There is also Dorothy, her mother and Wayne, her stepfather. Wayne is unbearable and mean. Also, another character is Lady. Lady is a terrier at the Humane Society that Kit fell in love with instantly. Peg Kehret writes, “The rest of Lady’s fur was coarse and wiry but her ears were like rust colored velvet.” I like this quote because I can easily visualize what Lady looks like. My favorite character is Kit because at first she is shy and at the end she stands up for herself and is bold. This means she is a dynamic character.

Last, there are three main themes in this book, love, hope and friendship. Kit loves Lady right from the start which is a great example of love in this story. For example, Kit says, “I wish I could adopt Lady. But my parents won’t let me have a dog.” Kit also has hope for Lady because she knows that Lady will get a home. Finally, Kit and Tracy have an amazing friendship. They makeup after fights they have in the book which shows great friendship.

I believe that you should read this book because it’s a book that I think everyone can relate to in one way or another. I think this book helps everyone can find out who the really are with this book. Kit is someone you feel like you know like a best friend and someone you want to be best friends with. So go on and meet your new best friend inside the pages of the book Cages.


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