Spunky YA Feminists

It’s a banner year for feisty females in YA movies based on books.   If you’ve been a fan of John Greene’s work, you’ve been delighting in the praise for Hazel (The Fault in Our Stars).  Or maybe you’ve been following Tris’ appearance on the big screen (Divergent)?  No need to wait for follow-up movies this summer: meet some new heroines from different genres, times, and places.  And best of all, these spunky feminists are all in series, so you can binge read on their adventures  these summer days!

MilaMila 2-0 by Debra Driza

We are initially drawn into the story of 16-year-old Mila and her mother who have recently moved to Minnesota to start a new life after the tragic death by fire of Mila’s father.  It’s soon clear that something is off, though.  Mila can remember so little of her former life–is it really just the trauma of the accident?  When she suffers an accident of her own, Mila is shocked to discover that under her skin is not bone and blood, but wires and tubes.  What is she?  And who is chasing her?  Though there is a key love interest–handsome and kind Hunter–the story is less a romance than a thriller sci-fi mystery.  Gripping, fast-paced writing.  Mila comes to rely on herself and her many strengths, while coping with coming to terms with her identity.  Loved it!  And also loved the sequel, Mila 2-0 RenegadeCan’t wait for the third installment in this planned trilogy.


StarstruckStarstruck by Rachel Shukert

Welcome to LA, circa 1938.  Glamorous Hollywood in the studio heyday.  Margo is chasing her dreams to become a star, right alongside her new friend and former vaudevillian Gabby Preston.  The two become friends as minor starlets on the Olympian Studio set.  Along the way, they meet other Hollywood hopefuls with surprising back stories. . .and dirty secrets.  Lots of backdoor intrigue, with strong teen-aged girls fighting their way through a male-dominated system. The story continues in Love Me, just out, with new surprises about each of our favorite characters.


ThroneThrone of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Known as Adarlin’s Assassin, she is the most feared killer in this magical kingdom.  Captured and sent to prison, she is given a chance for freedom if she agrees to be a fighter for the Prince.  When he pulls her out of prison to come to court, he is amazed to discover that she is an eighteen-year-old girl. Celaena is an awesome heroine–strong feisty, witty.  Maas’ kingdom is compelling, with political intrigue, dangerous assassins, and yes–an actual castle made out of glass. There is ancient magic, romance, great characters, and action–everything a summer read should offer!  And when you finish, you can jump right into Crown of Midnight, where Celaena’s adventures continue.




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