July is National Hot Dog–and Ice Cream–Month!

hot-dogsHot dogs and ice cream?  Talk about a celebratory month!  The hot dog has a fascinating history; check it out here. Can you believe it dates back even further than the German frankfurter of the 15th century?  Amaze your friends and family with your hot dog history trivia!



Ice cream’s origins are more contested.  Some say  as far back as the 4th century BC in Rome (History of Ice Cream); others cite China or Iran.  Our favorite resource is The Farmers’ Almanac with their  History of Ice Cream Timeline.

Why  not bring along book friends as you savor these national treasures?  Here are some favorite book characters who will appreciate enjoying these treats with you.  You might just indulge in their book worlds for some inspiration!

Pigeon-hot-dogThe Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog by Mo Willems

A hot dog is a most prized possession for Pigeon.  He can’t wait to gobble it up–but “special guest star” Duckling is also eying the potential feast. “Is that a hot dog?” he asks Pigeon innocently. Mo Willems provides his signature witty dialogue and vocabulary:  “Each morsel is a joy!  A celebration in a bun!”  Pigeon proclaims.  Friendship does ultimately prevail as the two share the hot dog.  A perfect companion to your hot dog celebration with friends!


Stick-DogStick Dog Wants a Hot Dog by Tom Watson

If you like silly sort-of slapstick humor, Stick Dog and his friends (and their adventures) are for you.  Always hungry, these doggies discover frankfurters in the sequel to Stick Dog.  The five dogs encounter many challenges, including a hungry raccoon episode–as they maneuver to distract the frankfurter guy.  Great humor for the whole family–and particularly appealing for the 7-10 year-old set, who can read it themselves (maybe aloud to their families!)


Share-Should I Share My Ice Cream? by Mo Willems

Elephant (Gerald) is much the philosopher as he ponders the important question of the title of the book.  I mean, really, he has this delicious ice cream–should he gobble it right up, or share it with his best friend Piggie?  Of course, with Mo Willems at the helm, there is the fitting (and charming) solution.  (And don’t miss the Pigeon ice cream cone in the back!)


WemberlyWemberly’s Ice-Cream Star by Kevin Henkes

How about a board book for your little one to appreciate ice cream month?  And sharing?  In this sweet Kevin Henkes’ book, Wemberly gets an ice cream treat, but then her worries begin.  Will it melt on her dress?  And what about her stuffed animal Petal?  Shouldn’t she have a treat as well?  Wemberley solves the problem with Zen-like patience as she waits for her ice cream to melt–and she and Petal each have a bowl of ice cream soup.  Short text and wonderful images make this a winner.




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