Celebrate National Doughnut Day, June 6th, 2014

DonutsThe first Friday of June is traditionally National Doughnut Day. . .So, June 6th this year is the perfect day to ask the question, Who Needs Donuts? especially when it is answered by author and illustrator Mark Alan Stamaty.  This 20th century classic had been out of print for decades–but was re-issued a few years ago to introduce a new audience to the delights of Stamaty’s absurd–and delightful–story and pictures.  One starred review says it best:  “With an illustration style that mixes a benign Hieronymus Bosch with an urban Where’s Waldo?, Stamaty’s off-the-wall humor is on target for little kids and big kids today.”

Who-needs-donutsThere’s so much going on in the detailed drawings, you can’t help but notice new delights every reading.  The basic story centers on Sam, who feels that something is missing in his life and heads to the Big City on his trusty trike, searching for “more donuts than his mother and father could ever buy him.”  The basic moral (in suitably hippie terms) is “love is all you need.” (“Who needs donuts when you got love?”)

So, for this year’s National Donut Day, sit down with your family and a plate of donuts and pore over Who Needs Donuts?  (Hint:  We all do!)



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