Early Readers Series: New Additions for your Book Shelf

Spring-readingIf you know readers who are clicking with chapter book series, you’ll have cause to celebrate this spring.  There are new additions to your favorite characters’ adventures–and  a wonderful new series that promises to entice early readers who love Harry Potter-type fantasy.  If this is a new love for your child, you  might want to check out some of our previous posts and recommendations:

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Here’s a taste of the new crop:

Operation-BunnyOperation Bunny:  Book One (Wings & Co.) by Sally Gardner, illustrated by David Roberts

If you’re looking for a magical world with its own set of internal reality, written with literary integrity, and a great sense of humor, this is the series for you! Young Emily Vole has as horrific a young childhood as Harry Potter, with parents who start out adopting her as an infant, then turn her into a housekeeper and nanny when their triplets are born.  Luckily, her elderly neighbor Miss String befriends her and teachers her history, German—and magic. She also finds herself depending on a talking cat and a grumpy fairy detective to help save the fairies from the wicked witch.  Emily becomes a no-nonsense and very brave detective who specializes in magical crimes.  The first of what promises to be a delightful series!


Fly-GuyFly Guy Presents:  Dinosaurs by Tedd Arnold

Fly Guy brings non-fiction to life, whether it’s sharks or space or most recently dinosaurs!  Perfect for young readers, these books are adventurous, funny, well-illustrated, and draw kids into reading.  After reading this latest Fly Guy adventure, you’ll want to take in the natural history museum nearest you.


Junie-BJunie B.’s Essential Survival Guide to School by Barbara Parks

Junie B.Jones is a staple in many primary school classrooms –and for good reason.  There’s humor, delightful and true-to-life situations, and of course, the spunky heroine herself, Junie B.  In her Essential Guide to School, she shares with her audience her learning over the last one and a half years of schooling she has experienced.  And she has lots of useful information to share.  Along with her trademark humor, Junie passes on advice, contributes her own handwriting and drawing, and has pages where her audience can contribute.  It makes a great literary activity book for young readers.


SasspantsGoing, Going, Dragon (Guinea Pig, Pet Shop Private Eye) by Colleen AF Venable, illustrated by Stephani Yue

If you’ve enjoyed the adventures of Sasspant, Hamisher, and the gang at Mr. Venezi’s Pet Shop, you’ll love the latest installment.  Mr. Venezi doesn’t even pretend to sell pets anymore (Venezi’s Stuff is the name of his shop).  This gives the crew time to pursue new hobbies and interests.  The fish (all named Steve) have time to turn their limited attention to scuba diving; the mice ( always dramatic) are into theatrical pursuits.  But all is not well.  Is that a dragon that has moved into the shop?    Sasspants must come out of retirement for one more case, in what is rumored to be the final installment of this series.  Don’t miss it!


TheaThea Stilton and the Great Tulip Heist:  A Geronimo Stilton Adventure by Thea Stilton

Thea Stilton, Geronimo Stilton’s sister, is Special Correspondent for The Rodent’s Gazette.  She often chronicles her brother’s–and her own–adventures.  Now, she also writes about her mousling friends (and students), five mouse apprentices who call themselves The Thea Sisters.  The latest adventure takes place in the Netherlands and revolves around the disappearance of a mouse botanist, who studies the rare black tulip. Young readers will enjoy this trip through Holland, with windmills, rare flowers, and the landscape and canals.


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