Rapunzel Revisited: CRESS: A Review

CressCress  by Marissa Meyer, the third installment of the Lunar Chronicles, is hot off the presses.  For those of you new to this terrific  YA series, it’s a sci-fi saga set in the near future with retellings of familiar fairy tale heroines as the main characters, and details of their familiar tales are woven throughout.  We’ve been devotees since Cinder, the initial book–and also loved Scarlet, which followed soon after.

Cinder returns and brings with her Scarlet and their entourage of characters including Wolf, Captain Thorn, and Prince Kai.  And best of all, we meet Crescent Moon, known as Cress.  In this incarnation of Rapunzel, Cress is a computer hacker who has been locked in a space ship with no visitors to do the dirty work of the evil Lunar Queen Levana and her henchwoman, Sybil.  Can these strong and resourceful women save Earth?  Can the true Princess reclaim her Lunar title despite being a cyborg?  Stay tuned for the upcoming fourth book in the series.  I am trying to guess which fairy tale will be re-invented  in the next installment!


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