New Books Make Great Holiday Gifts: Young Adult Edition

While the series we’ve been recommending are great reads, there are also times when it can be satisfying to read a novel that stands on its own, especially when it is penned by an outstanding author. We’ve chosen a selection of new books in the Young Adult genre that we think will be sure hits.   These are also incredibly talented young authors who are at the start of their careers. You will be hearing more about these writers–and reading more of their books, we predict.

anabelfrom Annabel Pitcher:

KetchupKetchup Clouds

Fifteen-year-old Zoe believes she has a lot in common with the Death Row inmate in Texas that she writes letters to.  Zoe’s voice comes through, with her wit, her heartbreak, and her emotional vulnerability.  Be prepared for a page-turner as we count down the days to Stuart Harris’s execution–and as we begin to piece together Zoe’s involvement with love–and tragedy.  Honest and powerful–and at times hilarious.  This is the second novel for Annabel Pitcher, a British teacher.  The first, critically- and reader-acclaimed  is My Sister Lives on the Mantlepiece.   Watch for more from this talented author.


Elizabethfrom Elizabeth Wein:

RoseRose Under Fire

Though this new World War II novel can stand on its own, it is a special treat for those of us who savored the companion book, Code Name Verity, as there is a connection between Rose and the characters in the previous book.  Rose, a pilot, loves her dangerous work, and the war effort is going well for her until she is captured and sent to Ravensbruck, a horrifying women’s concentration camp in Germany.  The story is told through her journal, capturing moments of terror, as well as glimpses of hope.  A riveting and tension-filled novel of historical fiction.


Patrickfrom Patrick Ness:

MOreMore Than This

What’s going on?  Is Seth alive or in the afterlife?  He remembers drowning, but wakes up in an abandoned town he hasn’t seen in years. He is plagued by flashbacks of his life, and fears he is alone in this deserted wasteland.  There are so many surprises in this book as the story unfolds, that it’s hard not to include “spoilers.”  I think its fairly safe to say he discovers two other lost souls.  Suffice it to say, the concept is highly original, the characters are interesting, and the plot is intriguing and full of surprises.  There is also lots of potential for philosophical discussions when you turn the last page. . .Patrick Ness is another young author to watch.  He’s already won two Carnegie medals, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this latest sci-fi garners an award or two as well.



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