Cool Libraries of the World

Cool-Libe1As we’ve been finding intriguing bookshelves, and thinking about what our favorite books are to put on them, we’ve also turned to our greatest inspiration:  Libraries!  Just like the  amazing and creative bookshelves we’ve discovered, we have been astounded by the Cool Libraries all over the world.  Talk about bookshelves grand!

These three libraries, and the sites that let you explore them, will really get you thinking about books, possibilities, and creativity.

Robin Hood Foundation Library, NYC:

A wonderful library can have humble beginnings, like this renovated library for a public school in Queens, New York.  Or the one in Brooklyn, NY in the photo on the right.   The Robin Hood Foundation teamed with the New York Department of Education, a group of architects, and donors and created this–and other–public school libraries.

The Treehouse Gallery Library, London:

COMFY-CHAIRAnother public project, The TreeHouse Gallery is an innovative outdoor library, with events, discussions, music, activities. . .and cool places to read their books.  Like up in the two large treehouses. I particularly love the “comfy chair” high up in the platform in the branches.

Poplar Library, Beijing:

Poplar-LIbraryLots of spaces and holes to explore books, and little dens and lairs to retreat with precious stories. A picture tells it best!


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