Invitations to Write Your Own Version

posted by Ruth

Molly-Cups-1Self-confident writers read books, then think of how they can make them better–or at least, different.  For example, Molly at 6 years old,  loves those silly Captain Underpants comics.  She “borrowed” the premise and wrote her own version, this time with a female protagonist named May.  It’s such a playful example of creating your own “ideal book.”  And we noticed Molly  clearly showed her understanding of the genre in her version.

“. . .Hi. . .My name is May. My prinsbal is men.  Plees do not snap!”  This word bubble introduces the main character, and lets the reader know the familiar premise of “snapping your fingers” will turn this principal into Captain Underpants!


There’s a little character development:  “I can make mischief. It is fun!!!” says the skateboarding May.  And of course, May can turn the principal back into himself by pouring water on his head.


After rereading The Day the Crayons Qui for the zillionth time, Molly also wrote  her own story of the day her crayons quit.  In her version, Black crayon wants to be used less; he’s tired of all the Zorro drawings and black cats that Molly has been using Black Crayon to create.


Reading and writing go hand in hand.  When you love books, you want to try your hand at writing yourself, and starting with beloved stories –even Captain Underpants!–is a great way to begin.  Molly’s two new books have a special place on my ideal bookshelf!


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