Elizabeth Recommends CATCHING FIRE

Eighth grader Elizabeth Shell recommends. . .

Catching-FireCatching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Catching Fire is 391 pages. But reading that much was worth it. The question while reading this book was, is Katniss or Peeta going to die? That is the question that kept me reading. I bet it will keep you reading too because Collins is a good writer.

In the beginning, Katniss thinks it is all over. She is finally with her family. But all that turned around when President Snow is torturing her friend and family. Katniss, Peeta, and all other winning tributes go in the arena all over again. Katniss, Peeta, Finnick, Beetee, and Johanna are all teamed together to win.

An important character in the book is Katniss, who is the main character. Katniss is good at hunting which helps them in the arena. Katniss is a protagonist because she is good but still has some flaws. Katniss is a serious person which I dislike about her but that doesn’t make the book bad. So it’s all good. Another character is Finnick. He is explained as,” Handsome bronzed hair guy.”

The book is good because of Collins. She uses excellent word choice. She made the book sound serious and mysterious. For example Katniss says, “Us. And nothing we are going to do is going to override any old friendship. So why bother.” I don’t dislike anything about how she wrote her book.

Part of the book took place in the arena. The arena is a round forest surrounded by a beach. It is important to the book because if they didn’t have the arena there would be no games. An example of the setting in the arena is, “I see the fog sliding softly in from one direction of the recent down pour.”

In conclusion, all of this great stuff put together makes a great book to read: Catching Fire. And when you are done reading the book you can always read the next one in the series. I hope all of you readers out there will read this book and enjoy it too.


Several of Elizabeth’s classmates have also allowed us to publish reviews of what they’re currently reading.  And for recommendations from kids of all ages, check out our Kids Recommend section.


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