Bringing Kids to Museums: Tips, Suggestions, Resources

resourcesIt helps to plan ahead when you set out for a museum adventure with children.  Of course, the books we’ve been suggesting  (here, here, and here) are one way to start setting the mood.  The Internet can also be your friend as you plan.  Lots of museums have interactive tours of many of their exhibits which helps you see which ones might be the most appropriate for your kids.  After all, you don’t have to “do” the whole museum in one trip; why not selectively choose the most enticing things to see and do and whet your family’s appetite for a return visit?  Special exhibits are often a great way to start out as there are usually more interactive displays geared to a range of different ages.  You also get a preview of rest of the museum to invite return trips!  We recommend bringing a notebook or sketching pad for kids (and you) to record thoughts, ideas, and images from the museum adventure. If you’re going to a specific museum that has a good webpage, check it out first on line.  They often have great resources:

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston:  Kids and Family Visiting Tips

Awesome!  Not only interactive tours of many of their exhibits, but a downloadable pdf:  A Guide to Family Fun at the MFA

For more general tips, we found these websites chockful of great ideas:

Tips for Bringing Children to Museums

Family Travel Tips:  How to Take Kids to an Art Museum

Introducing Kids to the Art World:  Taking Your Kids to Art Museums

Why You Should Take Your Little Kids to a Museum


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