Wonder Woman: One for You and One for Me

~posted by Ruth

Molly-WWI grew up fascinated by Wonder Woman, the comic book version.  What’s not to love?  She’s the perfect hero, IMHO:  brave, strong, courageous, a true feminist, and gotta love her outfit.  She continues to be an inspiration to women of all ages–and she is experiencing a kind of renewed interest with the popularity these days of both comics and graphic novels.  Our own Molly is a perfect modern-day Wonder Woman hero, as you can see from last fall’s Halloween costume.  She’s even got the attitude down!  So enjoy sharing the history and adventures of Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman.  Read the picture book first, to re-acquaint yourself and share the original story with your little ones–then dig into the comprehensive and fascinating adult version.  You’ll be hooked!


Wonder-womanWonder Woman:  The Story of the Amazon Princess by Ralph Cosentino

This excellent picture book is a terrific introduction to Wonder Woman.  The text is clear and straightforward, and the pictures are bright, bold, and captivating.   The Amazon Princess’ mission to promote peace and kindness is still timely, and the story of how Diana became a hero dedicated to protecting humanity is presented in a way that gives power to her legend.   Of course, it’s great for girls–but also for young boys to learn about this amazing and intriguing woman hero.


Wonder-WWonder Woman:  Amazon.  Hero. Icon. by Bob Greenburger

What a history Wonder Woman has! From serving in the Army in World War II to helping launch Ms. magazine with Gloria Steinem, she was and is a trailblazer for women in the 20th and 21st centuries. The illustrations alone make the book worth your while:  over 250, beginning in the 1940’s and through the book’s publication a year ago in 2012.  The excerpts from essays across the decades show Wonder Women’s changes and impressive impact over the years. I especially love the large reprinted sections from original comics.  Dig into this one, and share with all ages.

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