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KangarooKangaroo and Crocodile:  My Big Book of Australian Animals by Bronwyn Bancroft

Did you know that Australia is  the home of over 4,400 species of fish and 200 species of native frogs?  There are an incredible number of indigenous animals in the land “Down Under”–and this beautifully illustrated picture book shows them off in aboriginally-inspired artwork.  Big bold colorful drawings of the bogong moth, the fence skink, the goanna, and the galah parrot introduced brand-new animals to me, and I appreciated both the illustrations, and the helpful notes on all the animals at the end of the book.  Of course, I also appreciated seeing and learning about  “old favorites” like the koala, the dingo, and wallaby.

While the publisher’s material suggests the book through age 5, I think the  inspiring artwork and information are enticing for a wider range of ages.  The books could also serve as an introduction to the artwork of Bronwyn Bancroft, a leading Indigenous  artist.

A wonderful book to pore over with–or without–kids on your lap.  Enjoy!


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