This is Not My Hat: A Review

~posted by Ruth

This is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen

“This hat is not mine.  I stole it.”  These simple opening words to Jon Klassen’s new picture book set up the premise of yet another stolen hat story.  Not exactly a sequel to I Want My Hat Back, this book builds on the same kind of visual humor and deadpan writing that made the first book an instant classic.  Simple, dramatic tension and a kind of young people’s version of gallows humor makes the new tale simply hysterical.  Taking place under the sea, the pictures conjure up a variety of deep-water creatures, and one BIG sleeping fish who has had his little blue derby stolen by the narrator.  But he probably won’t wake up for a long time. . .or will he?  I particularly love the little crab who is quite expressive with his eyes–maybe too expressive for the little fish’s good?  Fun for everyone, from young readers to ironic teens to adults–and a great conversations starter to have around for the holidays and New Year.


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