THE ARMPIT OF DOOM: A New Kenn Nesbitt Book of Poems

~posted by Ruth
The Armpit of Doom:  Funny Poems for Kids by Kenn Nesbitt, illustrated by Rafael Domingos.
We’ll say it again:  Kenn Nesbitt has a knack for making kids laugh.  His poems have been an instant hit with the elementary and middle school children I’ve shared them with.  And this latest selection is enhanced by the whimsical and entertaining pen and ink drawings of Rafel Domingos.   My favorites?  “Octoproblem,” with a sly wink to older kids who understand “pi.” “Please Don’t Read This Poem” is another delight, especially with its on-going dialogue with the reader, begging him or her to not read the poem, all in catchy verse.  Of course, if you do keep reading, he has a suggestion:

There’s only one solution.

Here’s what you’ll have to do:

Tell all your friends and family

they shouldn’t read it, too.

The poems in this collection remind me of my all-time favorite Kenn Nesbitt book:  More Bears, which we reviewed when it first came out, and have been reading and sharing ever since.
The Armpit of Doom is definitely on my “recommended” list for the winter holidays.  Enjoy!


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