El Festival de las Calaveras/The Festival of Bones: Celebrating the Day of the Dead

The Festival of Bones/El Festival de las Calaveras:  The Little Bitty Book for the Day of the Dead by Luis San Vicente

El Dia de los Muertos /The Day of the Dead (November 1st), is a Mexican celebration to remember and honor those who have died.  On this day, believers say that the spirits of the dead return to be with their families.  The celebration is filled with delicious food–usually baked in the shape of skulls and figures.  There are also offering for the family altars–candles and flowers, along with the food, and always a picture of the departed soul on the altar itself.

What better way to learn about the celebration, and appreciate the tradition than through the art and words of Mexico City artist Luis San Vicente?  This bilingual picture book is authentic, first published in Mexico, and beloved for the charming skeletal characters. San Vicente’s bony creatures  dance in top hats, ride bicycles, and gleefully–with a touch of the macabre–enjoy their special day.  This is a terrific dual-language book that will be enjoyed by English and Spanish speakers alike!


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