Marcos Recommends CIRQUE DU FREAK

Eighth grader Marcos Moreno Martinez recommends. . .

CirqueCirque Du Freak:  A Living Nightmare by Darren Shan

Imagine being a normal person until you run into a vampire and have to get bit because of a mistake you made.  Well, that’s what happened to Darren Shan in Cirque Du Freak.

Darren Shan stole a spider named Madame Octa from a vampire named Mr. Crepsley.  Madame Octa is a magic spider who would keep calm and not bite anyone if you play a flute for her.  Well, one day at Darren’s house his friend named Steve came over to hang out.  Madame Octa was there on the loose.  She freaked out and then bit Steve.  He turned all red with his veins sticking out.  The only way for him to be saved was to have a vampire give him a saving potion.  In exchange, Darren got bit by Mr. Crepsley.

After all that ruckus, Darren had to leave his family because he would want to eat them up. He jumped out his window and faked his death. Now, he was part of “Cirque du Freak.”

I think this is a really good book because the author made the book sound like a real life situation, until the fiction part started to happen. One of the situations that sounded realistic was when Darren had to fake his death. I could picture everything that happened in the story.

In conclusion, imagine being a normal person, until run into a vampire, and then have to get bit by one.


Several of Marco’s classmates have also allowed us to publish reviews of what they’re currently reading.  And for recommendations from kids of all ages, check out our Kids Recommend section.


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