Eighth grader Megan Hamilton recommends. . .

LevenLeven Thumps and the  Gateway to Foo by Obert Skye

Scyophant Reviews: Leven Thumps

100 out of 100 sycophants chose Leven Thumps  and the Gateway to Foo as best book of the century! And you know I was the first to say that it was! Full of suspense and light-hearted comments, if you like Percy Jackson then you’ll love this series by Obert Skye! Winter quotes that you should read, “The whole thing!” So read on, “Chief!”

With creatures that can only be imagined, and chasms created to trap prisoners in gunt, you’re in for an un-foogetable adventure with Skye’s series. But of course before you can save Foo, you have to get there- without getting eaten by a giant snake. Follow Leven, Winter, and Clover their sycophant as they travel half-way around the world to Russia while being attacked by the forces of Sabine. Even your guide to Foo is a toothpick- a very fateful choice. Hop aboard the ocean freeze-way and come along for the ride!

Ah yes, a book without characters is a very dull book. Clover would probably ditch it, unless it was about sycophants. Who is Clover you ask? Clover is Leven’s mischievous little sycophant (basically a guide) from Foo. Skye successfully was able to capture the essence of each character, with words that paint pictures- and well pictures too. Phrases such as, “Winter had long, wild blonde hair and wide set green eyes…” allow the reader to imagine the character themselves, before they look at a picture. Even how he describes Leven as “… he had clear brown eyes, a straight nose, ears that protruded slightly more than mosts…” allows you to imagine fighting a dirt snake, not that he does… But like a cake, it takes more than one ingredient to want to eat or read it.

Every writer has a style and Skye’s is humorous. He often slides silly comments in tense points of the book to lighten the moods shown in this quote, “Freeze me solid!” “No way I can’t see how-” “Listen,” Leven interrupted, “you and your half brained attempts are part of why we are in this mess and if you can’t do what I ask just say so and you and your little toothpick and ratty blonde hair can live happily ever after…” Leven’s tactic worked. “If you’re going to be a jerk about it I’ll gladly freeze you!”” Skye can slip in humor without too much effort.,

The Gateway to Foo is closing- along with this review. I hope you enjoyed this sycophant production by M. A. Hamilton. Don’t forget to go on over to a book store and discovers Foo’s adventures yourself. Along with its fascinating variety of candies!


Several of Megan’s classmates have also allowed us to publish reviews of what they’re currently reading.  And for recommendations from kids of all ages, check out our Kids Recommend section.


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