Girl Detectives Updates-Meet Ruby Redfort

~posted by Ruth

Ruby Redfort:  Look Into My Eyes by Lauren Child

I was introduced  to the marvelous Lauren Child by Meghan and the twins.  Since Molly and Jacob were tiny, the whole family  has loved the wit and wisdom of the Charlie and Lola books.   Some of us (ahem) have even been known to read the stories  in a British accent, since Lauren Child’s language is decidedly  the Queen’s English.  (It was pretty cute to hear their baby toddler voices wanting their “rucksacks.”)

So when I saw there was a new Lauren Child–and this time for tweens,  it jumped to the top of my reading list. And I was not disappointed! In fact, this is a book I will be toting to Grade 6 this fall in my own rucksack to share with the writers and readers I see every week.  Ruby Redfort is a 13-year-old modern-day Sherlock Holmes.  She shares his ability to deduce from her observations,has a similar adventurous spirit, and the same kind of vast knowledge base, allowing her to make brilliant leaps.  The plot of this first of the series  is filled with spies and clever espionage, cryptograms, unique bad guys, and Lauren Child’s own brand of wit and fun.

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