Cinderella Revisited–CINDER by Marissa Meyer

~ posted by Ruth

Cinderella is one of our favorite “classical” fairy tales–as you probably know if you are a frequent visitor to Litforkids.  We’ve done a Bookflight on Cinderella for the whole family to enjoy.  And we followed up with our list of multicultural versions: Cinderella Around the World.  We even posted a Cinderella Bookflight Update.

I was a bit skeptical when I heard about the latest retelling, Cinder by Marissa Meyer, just out in 2012.  Yes, all the elements of the familiar plot line are there, but the setting is futuristic sci-fi, and sixteen-year-old Cinder is a cyborg.

But amazingly, the book really works!  I was especially engaged by Cinder herself–a very capable and clever  hard-working mechanic who excels at fixing all things technological–including her own malfunctioning body parts!  She works as a kind of free-lance mechanic at a weekly market booth, and is known as the best mechanic in New Beijing.  That’s where she meets Prince Kai, who needs her to fix a broken android and hints of dark political forces at the court. In this futuristic world, there’s lots of intrigue, including the upcoming visit from the Lunar Colony, and a fatal plague that’s been devastating the Earth for a decade.  Of course, there’s a new version of the step-mother and step-sisters, a fantastic ball, intriguing characters, and a plot-line that makes it a page-turner.

Lucky for us, this is the first of a 4-book series:  The Lunar Chronicles.  I’m looking forward to the next installment!


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