Book Flight Update: Ancient Egypt

-posted by Meghan

If you have a favorite topic, you definitely return to it as often as possible, so when a great new book comes out, it’s cause for celebration.  In our family, we now have three generations that are fascinated with books that center on Ancient Egypt (as you can see with that book flight, some of our favorite Ancient Egypt resources, these further Egypt explorations or even these previous additions to the original Book Flight!), so we seek out new books that touch on that subject for all the age ranges.  This summer there were two YA books we discovered, and thought it was a great time to share both these new books, and our previous favorites.

Wrapped by Jennifer Bradley
I discovered this book through the Amelia Bloomer Project.  It’s about a girl who is making her debut in London about 200 years ago, but all she wants is adventure.  Throw in some Egyptology, romance, international intrigue…  The heroine, Agatha, reminds me of a young Amelia Peabody, and the books themselves, with the “young girl who trains to be a spy” element similar to another YA series that I love: The Agency books by Y S Lee (which also had a new book come out this summer: The Traitor in the Tunnel, yay for fabulous series!!!) are fast paced and fun.  The Egyptology comes from Agnes attending an “unwrapping” of a mummy and quickly getting caught up in the mystery of Lord Showalter’s interest in mummies and her new (and handsome) friend Caedmon who is working at the British Museum and studying Egyptology. An unexpected added bonus is that Agnes is a big fan of “A Lady” (Jane Austen) and quotes her in several languages…


The other book?  The Serpent’s Shadow, Book 3 in the Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan.  While this is probably my least favorite of the Kane (or Percy) chronicles, it’s still a fun opportunity to revisit fabulous characters like Carter and Sadie Kane.  And the first two books were fabulous – so if you haven’t read this series yet, dive in, and if you have, you probably feel as I did: that even a ho-hum addition to the Kane Pantheon is pretty darn enjoyable.


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