One Good Book About Golf

-posted by Meghan

We look for books to accompany each and every activity (which I think is pretty obvious by now!).  I didn’t let the kids start taking lessons in anything (we would go to lots of events or shows, but I didn’t think they were ready for a class yet) until this past year when they turned 5.  Then I let them each pick one thing that would be just theirs.  Molly picked ballet.  Yay!  I love ballet.  Love it.  Love books on it.  Can name dozens of books – as you’ll see in a book list that is coming up…  Jacob picked – golf.  Out of the blue!  I suggested baseball or soccer – sports that his friends play, and his grandpas play.  Nope.  He wanted golf.  So, we found a gorgeous golf course that teaches group lessons to kids (“Little Linksters”) and he started golf lessons.  Which he adores.  And I have learned to adore because a) he is adorable in his golf shirt; b) we frequently have to shoo bunnies and deer off the course, which is utterly beautiful and makes it a pleasant place to spend the afternoon; and c) no one is trying to tackle or push him or hit a ball towards him, so I don’t think he’ll get hurt.  I’m now a fan of kids playing golf!

But all that leads up to me saying that, naturally, I looked for golf books to read at home.  And let me tell you, there are very few, and the ones there are stink, and those are even mainly biographies of Tiger Woods (not exactly a role model these days…).  But we did find one single book that is a really good one that Jacob and I return to often.  And here it is:

P is for Putt: A Golf Alphabet by Brad Herzog, illustrated by Bruce Langton

This alphabet book isn’t just for young kids – while it does go through the alphabet and teaches letters, it’s more an excuse to teach anyone (including neophyte adults like me) all about the intricacies, etiquette and history of the game.  The illustrations are clean and detailed and quite well done, and you definitely learn a lot about why golf is such a popular game to play, and why it is called a “gentleman’s game”.  Yes, some of the letters are a stretch, but some are interesting (like why a golf ball has dimples).  So if you have a little golfer, I highly recommend it.  Or if you have a sporty kid who loves any sport, this is a nice addition to the sport’s alphabet series which includes “T is for Touchdown” and “H is for Homerun.”  (That’s our next book, as this summer we’ve also discovered a love of going to Dodger’s games!)


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