Father’s Day 2012

-posted by Meghan
In our little family, we have a tradition (though I don’t think anyone, besides me, has actually realized yet that we’ve done this every year!) that the kids and I give my husband a book that he can read and enjoy with them each Father’s Day.  In the past, it’s often been a music book (Forever Young) or a book about a shared interest (The Marx Bros. Scrapbook).  This year, it’s this one.  (Don’t tell, please!)

The Day I Swapped My Dad for 2 Goldfish by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Dave McKean
It’s definitely not a mushy “I love my Daddy” book.  But it’s funny, fabulously illustrated, talks the way real kids talk (and think) and I really like it. A little boy really really wants these two goldfish that his friend Nathan has.  But he has nothing to trade for the fish.  Except his dad.  His sister thinks it’s a terrible idea (more because Mom will be mad, than because she objects to the trade). The Dad never really looks up from his newspaper, and doesn’t seem terribly phased by the fact that he was traded several times.

My two favorite lines from the book:
*A little girl says to the boy who wants his dad back, “He isn’t a very good rabbit,” and he replies, “No, but he is a very good dad.”
*And then the last line of the book will have everyone with a sibling nodding in agreement…


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