For Mother’s Day, I Asked For…

-posted by Meghan

Clearly, I love books.  And I love my kids (hopefully, that has come through without my saying so!).  And I love to write.  There is nothing I delight in so much as helping the kids starting to write their own first books.  We’ve made them as gifts for everyone in the family… except me!

So this year for Mother’s Day, I decided that’s what I want.  I want a book, written just for me, from the kids.  Usually I’m helping them, encouraging them, watching them make the cards and books we give to everyone in the family for every occasion.  And then when they’re done, if it isn’t done with someone special in mind, I ask if I can have it.  “No, Mommy,” they always say, exasperated. “It’s not for YOU.  It’s for _____”  (Fill in the blank with a beloved family member, or even “For ME” they say.)  Pictures, they give me.  But they’ve been writing books lately, and selfishly, I want one!

So I gave my husband his orders at the beginning of March.  “I want a book.  One from each kid.  For Mother’s Day.  That’s it.  No chocolates.  No bought gifts.  They don’t even have to make cards. But I want multiple pages, bound together, with markings of some kind on each page.”

I’ll let you know what I get…but it seems like all signs are pointing to a happy Mother’s Day for me, as I have seen a few whispered art rooms sessions lately that I’m not privy to!


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