April 27th – Tell A Story Day

Since it’s National Tell A Story Day, I’m going to tell you a little story:

Once upon a time, there was a mom.  She was driving her two 4-year-old twins in the car.  They were being very good, but were very tired of being in the car, and were often resorting to kicking the seat, shrieking loudly and fighting over the books and toys that were in the backseat.  Quite tired of playing 20 questions (where the object being guessed was often changed mid-game without warning, rendering all previous guesses moot and all answers contradictory) or listening to the Muppet Movie soundtrack for the hundredth time, she racked her brains for how to keep the peace.  As she often did, she thought of her own favorite books.  The first thing that entered her head was (as it often was) one of her favorites, Little Women.  She thought of the game that they all played at Camp Laurance that they called Rig-marole.  It’s played like this:

“One person begins a story, any nonsense you like, and tells as long as he pleases, only taking care to stop short at some exciting point, when the next takes it up and does the same. It’s very funny when well done, and makes a perfect jumble of tragical comical stuff to laugh over. ”

So they began to play, the mom starting with any old nonsense, and throwing it to her daughter at an exciting point.  The daughter got off to a slow start, with a plot borrowed from the Smurfs, and fairly quickly threw it to the son, who followed up with some key plot points from Rapunzel.  And they were off and running, telling a story so wild and funny and fun that they all forgot to fight or kick, and the mom sort of forgot where she was going and they laughed and giggled and ended up staying in the car for almost 20 minutes after reaching their destination to finish their story.

And so the family found a new car game, and car trips were in general much happier from then on.  And they all lived happily ever after and went to college.  (That is how the mom’s friend always ended fairy tales: “And so the princess lived happily ever after and went to college.”  The mom loved that, and borrowed it, and always ends her stories that way now too.)


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