April 23rd – Eeyore’s Birthday

Everyone loves Pooh! But actually, probably the funniest and most beloved character in the books is Eeyore. Kids love his droopy demeanor, and when you re-read the books as an adult, he’s quite the sharpest tack in the Hundred Acre Woods. If your kids think of the Disney version when you say Winnie the Pooh (ugh!  the travesty that some kids think of that drivel as Pooh!), today is a perfect day to go back to the original books and re-discover the classics. What to read? There is Winnie-The-Pooh or The House At Pooh Corner (and the non-Pooh poetry of When We Were Very Young and Now We Are Six).

The favorite in our house is Pooh Corner, because of the chapter of that very title. Molly and Jacob actually always request that story, and we haven’t ever been able to finish the rest of the book. Why? Eeyore cracks them up. So we will probably celebrate by reading “In Which A House is Built at Pooh Corner for Eeyore.” AGAIN. But if I can convince the kids to let me, we may try and swap it out with “In Which Eeyore Has A Birthday And Gets Two Presents.”  Because it’s not only appropriate, it’s fun.  Or as Eeyore would say: “Gaiety. Song-and-dance. Here we go round the mulberry bush.”



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