April 22nd – National Jelly Bean Day

Your kids won’t need any help thinking up a fantastic way to celebrate National Jellybean Day!  However, since it will probably involve ingesting large amounts of sugar, may we suggest this alternative:

The Jellybean Books by Laura Numeroff
From the author of the “If you give…” books comes a new series that will appeal to kids and has a great message, though (pardon the pun) they are a little too saccharine for most adult tastes.  But kids, especially girls who love ballet, or have friends or siblings with different interests, seem to love these characters.  The main bean is Emily, a little girl who loves to dance.  However, her new friends in dance class have other interests.  But when they uses these differences, they work together to come up with a great dance for their recital.  Start with the Jellybeans and the Big Dance, then move to Big Book Bonanza, Big Camp Kickoff and the recently released Big Art Adventure.

Of course, if that doesn’t satisfy their sweet tooth, there’s nothing wrong with a little box of Jelly Bellys… (Though to stick with a book theme, you may try giving them some of the Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Jelly Beans from the Harry Potter books – getting a ketchup or fish or pepper bean may put them off candy for a while!)


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