April 20th-Lima Bean Respect Day

It’s time to have some respect for lima beans!

Here’s a little background knowledge from writer, producer, and lima bean enthusaist D. Cameron Lawrence:

“Lima beans were named for the capital of Peru, where they have been growing for at least 7,500 years. Cultivation spread northward, probably through Mexico into the American Southwest, then eastward. Food historians believe Spanish ships took dried beans to Europe and the Portuguese took them to Africa. Today, limas are popular worldwide.”

A Bad Case of  Stripes by David Shannon

Camilla Cream (like Meghan, Ruth, and Molly–all the girls in our family!) loves lima beans!  But she never eats them–because nobody else seems like them and she doesn’t want to be different.  She worries way too much about what other people think of her–so much that she comes down with a bad case of stripes!  Because she tries to please everyone, she turns into whatever they are suggesting from breaking out in stripes to growing tree limbs, tails, and even feathers.  Finally, a wise and kind old woman–and a big plate of lima beans!–help Camilla find her true colors!

Now, don’t you want to try cooking up a batch of lima beans?  Lawrence gives you even more reasons:

“[L]imas are not only a staple of my diet but often, the star of a meal. They’re easy to fix with just a bit of olive oil, margarine or butter, salt and pepper. Or I can dress them up with other vegetables and seasonings. As a vegetarian, I like their heft as a side dish, meaty little bundles that complement lighter fare.

These little beans are nutrition powerhouses, packing protein, fiber, iron, manganese, folate, thiamin, potassium and other nutrients into a modest calorie count, with just a speck of fat and no cholesterol.”

For more about lima beans from Lawrence, go to Falling in Love with Limas

Some yummy lima bean recipes:

Who Says You Can’t Love Lima Beans?

So Edible:  Respect the Bean, the Lima Bean


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