April 18th – International Juggler’s Day

Let’s talk juggling!  Kids are fascinated by it, and like winking, even the youngest are usually convinced they are quite good at it, even when what they are actually doing bears no resemblance to what they are trying to do!  It’s a fun activity that you can practice on a rainy day, and that you can learn to do from a book!  But if you’re like the two of us, you may be more suited to reading than doing.  So we offer up this beautiful book about a juggling boy:

The Little Juggler by Barbara Cooney
There is a French legend from medieval times about a little Juggler Boy.  Published as a book in the 1890’s by Anatole France under the title Le Jongleur de Notre Dame, it has been turned into an opera, a movie, a radio show and a charming book by Tomie de Paolo (The Clown of God).  But perhaps the most beautiful and touching modern telling is the 1961 book by Barbara Cooney.  The illustrations are gorgeous and the story is familiar (perhaps serving as the basis for “The Little Drummer Boy” carol) and touching.  And seeing how it’s now out of print, you now have plenty of time to track down a copy in time for Christmas!


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