April 14th – Kite Month

It makes perfect sense that April is Kite Month, when the winds are still blowing, but it’s a warmer and summier breeze – perfect for flying a kite!    One of the best kite books we’ve come across lately is from an author we always enjoy – Grace Lin (dim sum wouldn’t be the same without reading her book Dim Sum for Everyone! while waiting for the first cart to arrive…).

Kite Flying by Grace Lin

This book features the same family as in Dim Sum for Everyone! and in this adventure, the family makes a dragon kite together.  Just like the dim sum book, the sisters show their own favorites or contributions and at the end there is a description of the history and cultural significance of kite flying in China.

You can make a kite with your family or class too!  We recently had a family kite making adventure at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, where they host fantastic world music concerts and craft activities.  This concert features the music and dance of Afghanistan, and the craft was making kites, like in The Kite Runner.  Jacob adores the kite he made that day, and it inspired us to come home and make more (less elaborate) kites as a family.  This is the simple guide we used, but there are plenty of templates and tips online.

One last book/kite tie-in:  when you fly your kite, make sure to have the kids look to see if Mary Poppins comes down on the end of their kite when it comes back to earth!  (Read Chapter One of Mary Poppins Comes Back before heading out on your kite flying expedition!)


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