April 13th-National Scrabble Day

National Scrabble Day is celebrated on April 13th every year by Scrabble lovers! Scrabble was invented in 1938 by Alfred Mosher Butts – whose birthday was April 13, 1899.  Originally, the word game wasn’t that popular, but luckily for all us Scrabble players, a Macy’s executive took it with him on vacation in the early 1950’s–and he became addicted.  He ordered games to be marketed through his store, and it caught on nationally.

To read more about National Scrabble Day, click here. You’ll learn more information about Scrabble history–as well as Five Reasons Why It’s Good to Play Scrabble.

And if you want a terrific new book to indulge in as you savor your Scrabble celebration, you can’t go wrong with Meg Wolitzer’s latest tween/teen novel:

The Fingertips of Duncan Dorfman by Meg Wolitzer

Meg Wolitzer is a self-described “voracious Scrabble player”–and that comes across in this delicious new novel, great for middle schoolers.  It’s the story of 3 twelve-year-olds who will ultimately meet at the annual Youth Scrabble Tournament.  We learn their separate stories–and then what happens when their journeys merge.  Naturally, all three are fantastic Scrabble players–but all of them play for different reasons.  The kids are all quirky and precocious, the story is adventurous and entertaining, and the writing is eloquently crafted.  On top of all that, you’ll pick up some great Scrabble-playing tips!


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