Goodnight iPad: A Delightful Parody!

Goodnight iPad by Ann Droid

What?  Another parody of Goodnight Moon, the classic bedtime story by Margaret Wise Brown?  Yes–and this is one we can recommend without hesitation.  At the same time that the book pokes fun at over-stimulation through the very plugged-in lives most of us lead in the 21st century, it is also a sweet reminder of the pleasures of  actually powering down and listening to each other.  Some pages had us laughing out loud, like the “viral clips of cats doing flips” or the children hanging on to their electronics as if their lives depend on it.   We love the in-jokes and clever illustrations that only readers who grew up saying goodnight to everything in the Bunny family’s room will really understand. Take a look at the way the red balloon has morphed, not the mention the mouse.  Even the roaring fire is now playing electronically on a big screen.

Ann Droyd is the pseudonym for an award-winning children’s book author, so the jacket tells us.  Her writing skills show–the rhymes and beat are spot-on, and the  illustrations carry through the humor.  A fun family book to share, since all ages will enjoy the language and the clever humor.


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