Wow! Ocean: Recommended!

~posted by Ruth

Wow! Ocean!by Robert Neubecker

Izzy and Jo head to the ocean–and what do they see?  Wow!  Jellyfish!  Anemones!  Sharks! Whales! Clown fish!  I also got a lot of Wow!’s from Molly and Jacob when I shared this picture book.  Here’s what they loved:  looking for Izzy and Jo and their little dog amid the busy colorful illustrations on every page; reading Wow! at the bottom of each page; asking to be read the distinct names for each sea animal on every page; talking about their favorite jellyfish or dolphin or colorful clownfish.  In their drawing later that day, Molly made a careful drawing of a porcupine fish, and Jacob drew an elaborate multi-ribbed jellyfish.  They really took in the enticing information on these double (and sometimes triple!) spread pages.

Robert Neubacker is definitely someone to celebrate as a recent addition to the children’s literature field.  He’s been a writer and illustrator for 30 years, writing as a journalist for The New York Times, Newsweek, and Time magazine.  He’s also–as you’ll see in these book pages–an amazing artist, winning awards for his movie posters.  Luckily for us, a few years ago, he decided to try his hand at writing and illustrating children’s books and the Wow! series was born.  Next on our list:  Wow! School!–and his latest, Shiver Me Timbers, a book of pirate poetry should be out in 2012.


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