Give the gift of books…

We talk a lot about giving the gift of books to all the kids we know – our own kids, our relatives, the kids in the classrooms we work in or visit.  But in this season of giving we wanted to highlight a great philanthropic organization that gives books to strangers too – and does it in a way that gets kids involved in the giving.  The group is called BookEnds – a Los Angeles based charity that helps kids organize book drives to donate and distribute books to schools and libraries in need.  Though they are currently focusing their energies in California,but if you live outside that state, they are happy to provide guidance and information for getting your own book drive going in your area.  Cleaning off the bookshelves to make room for the new holiday books could turn into a family project that sparks a discussion about charity and giving, community and literacy.

Here’s a little more about BookEnds in their own words:

“BookEnds is built upon a powerful belief in our children: A belief that all children should grow up not only with abundant love, food and care but surrounded by the limitless literacy possibilities books provide. We also believe that our children need to be given the opportunity to learn to assist others.

BookEnds BookDrives give student volunteers experience with leadership and community service work and the opportunity to experience the impact of their labor. Student volunteers create marketing campaigns and collect, sort and personally deliver the donated books. Donors and recipients have the opportunity to share their love of books by reading together. The creation of quality libraries results in the encouragement of a passion for reading and a greater understanding of each other.”


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