Countdown to Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Last year we made a very happy discovery – this countdown to Halloween by john Littleboy.  Anyone who lives in gleeful anticipation of Halloween will adore this spooky riff on an advent calendar. Unfortunately, last year we found out about it just a few days before Halloween. So, I ordered it and stuck it in the closet for this year, and I was pretty excited to get it out this week.  Now go get yours!  Or, watch the animated version here

Want some other Halloween book recommendations?

Here is some Halloween Fun for little kids. (Not scary.)
And then some Halloween Fun for big kids.  (A little scary.)

What books are spooky to you?  Everyone seems to have the book that terrified them.  Molly can’t stand the Langston Hughes ABC  book called The Sweet and Sour Alphabet Book– the illustrations by kids give her the creeps and she made me take it out of her room before she could go to sleep.  I can empathize – in high school I read The Red Dragon by Thomas Harris, and when I finished it at 2 in the morning, it scared me so badly I needed it out of my room too.  (My edition had a dragon’s wing on it in silver that kept catching the moonlight…) But even knowing it was in the house was enough to keep me awake, so I got out of bed, took a knife from the kitchen for protection, and went out to the backyard where I buried it under a rosebush.  (Because wandering outside in the dark was much safer than being in my own bed, near a book!)  Then I could get some sleep.  I’m definitely thinking of re-reading it this Halloween!  So what book has given you a sleepless night?


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