Favorite Authors

When 8th grade teacher Erin Ocon asked her students to reveal some of their favorite authors, here’s what they said:  (She also asked them to share some current favorite books…)

Gary Paulson

   The author I read the most books by is Gary Paulson, and my top reason is how descriptive he is.  Like in Hatchet when he explains how the main character feels after the plane crash.  He make us feel like our leg is broken.  And in Harris and Me when he is first exposed to life on the farm.  His wording makes the reader feel like we are in a dark room with a small, dim light bulb.
The other reason I like Gary Paulson’s writing is his topics.  I love the Hatchet series with the topic of surviving in the Canadian wilderness.  I have longed to do something like that.  That’s why I like Gary Paulson.  When you pick up a book by him, you know it’s going to be good.
– Caleb Carlson


Michael Grant

  My favorite author this year is Michael Grant.  Michael Grant is famous for his
series, Gone.  His Gone books are thrilling science fiction novels that leave his reading audience captivated.  Reviewers have said, “a tour de force that will leave readers dazed, disturbed, and utterly breathless” (ALA Booklist).  Not only do his books really interest people, they can hook people who don’t like reading into reading his books.  This author doesn’t waste time to get to the climax, it begins at the beginning of each of his first three Gone series books.  Because of the excellent introductions, his readers start off hooked to his books right from the start!  Michael Grant’s books are great and I recommend him as an author.
Michael Grant’s Gone series books create vivid pictures in your head.  His details are good, but sometimes too good.  His Gone series books are about people disappearing over the age 14.  Where do they go?  That’s a mystery.  I love his books because it works up my imagination.  The series includes: Gone, Hunger, Lies, Plague, and even more soon to come.  His books are great for people who don’t really like reading, but who like entertainment, and also a good reading challenge!
– Maia Farris


SE Hinton

  My favorite author is SE Hinton.  My favorite book she wrote is The Outsiders.  I have also seen the movie.  She has other books that are like The Outsiders such as Rumble Fish, Tex, and That was Then, This is Now.  I really like all of those books, but The Outsiders is still the best.  It is also her most popular book.  Whenever I hear her name I think of that book.
I would recommend her books to anyone.  If you like action-packed, old style, gang related stories, then SE Hinton is perfect for you.  I have almost read every one of her books.  She puts SE Hinton as her name on the books so people don’t know she’s a girl, because she thinks people will think girls can’t write.  But her books are good.

– Kyle Leeman


SE Hinton
Reading books is not always bad.  Especially when written by a good author.  Like SE Hinton, almost everyone who reads her books likes them.  Even people who hate to read like and will read her books.  She is my favorite author.
There are a lot of things that make SE Hinton a sensational author.  Firstly, her books are about a very interesting time, the 50s to 70s.  Some of my favorite books from Hinton are Tex, The Outsiders, Rumble Fish, and That was Then, This is Now.  She writes about things that are easy to relate to for teenagers.
– Ted Van Domelen


Terry Pratchett

  Many people have read Terry Pratchett.  And, many people have liked reading
Terry Pratchett.  But the reason why I love Terry Pratchett’s writing is because it’s witty, has great characters, and will always try to make you think, even a little, about the world around you.
For me, Mr. Pratchett doesn’t remind me of a writer, or an author, but more of a funny philosopher.  He has his own views for life, and he shows it in almost all his stories.
Terry Pratchett, in his field, could be compared to Einstein’s skill in his field.  They both have a numerous amount of people who think, or call them a genius (although the ones who think Einstein a genius very rarely think Terry Pratchett to be one too).  But what really makes them similar is their ability to be an average Joe, to remember where they came from.  It’s the main reason why I like them so much.
I love Terry Pratchett’s writing because it will always give you a laugh and something to think about, and nothing could ever change that.
– Katherine DeMonnin


Cory Doctorow

    Throughout my middle school years, there was only one author that I’ve enjoyed.  This author’s name is Cory Doctorow.  Cory Doctorow is the author of two books, Little Brother and For the Win.  Both these books are amazing for a few reasons.  First off, he writes his story from the perspective of people involved with computers and video games and how they deal with today’s problems.  In the book Little Brother, the character Marcus Yallow deals with a corrupt DHS [Department of Homeland Security] division through the use of a hacked X-Box.  Secondly, he also has some do-it-yourself instructions on how to deal with computers and security systems.  In Little Brother, it is shown how to get past gait-recognition cameras.  Lastly, he shows how video games have changed our lives in the book For the Win. In conclusion, Cory Doctorow is a fantastic writer, and I highly recommend reading his books.
– Dmitri Dodge


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