Case Study: One Great Teacher

It may take a village, but one person can change the world.  (And now we’ve used up our cheesy, stale and trite aphorisms for the month!)  Teachers have the incredible power to change the world each and every day, to teach kids not only facts and figures, but possibilities and pride.  Kids can learn that they are readers, they are writers, they are thinkers, and their ideas matter.  Every child in every classroom has the potential in them to be the next great artist, scientist, politician – or perhaps teacher.  The best way to do this is to take kids seriously, listen, encourage and then sit back and watch them take off.

Erin Ocon is a teacher we know well–and you’ve met her through her students for the past two years right here on our blog .  Erin shares her passion for reading, writing, and changing the world through her work every day with 7th and 8th grade kids.   This wonderful teacher inspires her adolescents by turning the tables and asking for their instruction.

So get comfortable and read on to see what we can learn from both Erin, and her kids.

These 8th grade readers answered the following questions:

*Why Read?

*What are your favorite books?

*Who are your favorite authors?


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