Book Flight Update: Ancient Egypt

Last year we spent the summer focused on Book Flights – that’s what we call a list that suggests something for everyone at different reading ages, all about the same topic.  Often, the toughest part is narrowing down to a book or two per age.  So when new books come out, it makes us think of the ones we’ve already loved, and we thought that this summer we’d indulge ourselves and add some new recommendations to go with the flights we’ve posted.

In this case, we created the original book flight, and have already added a second post with more great books.  We’re big fans of Ancient Egypt, you see, three generations worth.  From every side of the family, as it was actually Molly and Jacob’s other Grandma (Grandma Rose, not the Grandma Ruth of this site!) who inspired us to add this book to our Ancient Egypt Book Flight:

Tutankhamon’s Tomb by Jen Green

As we may have mentioned (a few times!), we’re both pretty obsessed with Archaeology and ancient Egyptian culture.  I  (Meghan speaking here) have really enjoyed introducing my twins to mummy making and other aspects of the period.  So when my mother-in-law was visiting, a trip to the beautiful Getty Villa (home to a beautiful Roman Mummy) seemed like the perfect multi-generational adventure.  And it was – the whole family adored the exhibit, and the kids were entranced by this book, which is an extremely sophisticated pop-up.  It has plenty of intricate details, but it’s illustrated in a way that fascinated kids, inviting them to look beneath the surface, again and again.  When we were ready to leave the museum gift shop, I was surprised to find the Grandma Rose had two copies under her arm, ready to purchase both.  Being quite familiar with Grandmas who buy everything kids express an interest in (ahem, MOM!) I wasn’t surprised that she had a copy, but two?  The second, it turned out, was for her!  She was so taken with the book that it had prompted a hereto undiscovered fascination with the subject.  So that’s my pitch for this book as one that will elucidate and delight all members and generations of your family.

Last week: Darwin and Evolution


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