Book Flight Update: Darwin

Last year we spent the summer focused on Book Flights – that’s what we call a list that suggests something for everyone at different reading ages, all about the same topic.  Often, the toughest part is narrowing down to a book or two per age.  So when new books come out, it makes us think of the earlier ones, and we thought that this summer we’d recommend a book for a flight from our archives.

Earlier this year we did a whole series of posts about Charles Darwin (this book flight is a great place to get started, if you missed it).  One of the most fascinating aspects was what an incredible influence he has had on pop culture.  Once you look for it, references to Darwin and his theory pop up everywhere.  Like here:

Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness.  We chose this book to highlight this summer for a multitude of reasons.    It’s a fun read, and the hero (a vampire) was friends with Darwin and continues to be influenced by his work by applying the theory to the creature (witches, vampires and demons) species too.  Yes, it’s another Vampire series.  BUT, this one is well written and filled with historical characters and romantic intrigue which makes it a perfect summer read – and a great reason to think about Darwin and Evolution…

Last week: Cinderella


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