Book Flight Update: Cinderella

Last year we spent the summer focused on Book Flights – that’s what we call a list that suggests something for everyone at different reading ages, all about the same topic.  Often, the toughest part is narrowing down to a book or two per age.  So when new books come out, it makes us think of the old ones, and we thought that this summer we’d recommend a book for an earlier flight.

Cinderella is a perennial favorite, and while we are both very fond of both the historical and cultural aspects of the tale (it’s been around for centuries upon centuries, and there is a version from practically every country and culture on the planet), it’s also just plain fun to read how different authors find ways into the tale.  So whether you like Cinderella because she’s a feisty heroine from ancient Egypt or because she’s a pretty princess, you’ll like this latest story:

Princess of Glass by Jessica Day George.

We discovered George from her Dragon Slippers series, which is a great trilogy about a plucky young lady who befriends dragons and stops senseless wars.  About the time we passed that series back and forth, we were writing our Tellings and Re-tellings booklist, and the timing was perfect to read her re-telling of Twelve Dancing Princesses, Princess of the Midnight Ball.  That didn’t make it on the list (though it’s a fantastic book – it just didn’t quite fit in with the other books), but when this new take on Cinderella came out, we figured we could actually recommend both books!  Princess of Glass finds it’s way into the Cinderella story throughone of the dancing princesses – she needs a getaway after that grueling adventure, and stays at a castle where one of the maids is named Ellen… see where we’re going?  A truly original spin on the classic story.

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