Father’s Day, Blog Style

~posted by Meghan

If you’re a Mom, one of the sweetest images is of a Daddy reading to his child.  Certainly one of our favorite posts ever was last year for Father’s Day, when we asked our favorite Dads (our own dads and husbands) what books they liked to read to their kids.  And this year for Father’s Day, we wanted to share two great blogs that promote Dads reading to and with their kids:

Fathers Read

This blog was created and moderated by children’s book author, James Preller.  Here’s his mission: “I simply want to send something out into the world that makes a basic statement: We celebrate men who read, because it’s so powerful for boys to see and emulate.”  Even before reading his mission statement, he had me at the picture on the home page – a Dad reading a Marx Brothers book while feeding a baby.  (Harpo Speaks was in fact my kid’s Father’s Day present to their dad last year.)


Real Men Read With Kids

Real Men Read With Kids wants men to commit five minutes (or ten or 30) a day to read with a kid. Pretty awesome goal, huh?  In their own words: “That’s it. Just read. Show a kid that you value reading in your life. Be the role model. Be the mentor. Just read. ”

So… we’d like to suggest that you pay tribute to the Dad in your life who reads to his kids.  Take his picture.  Send it to one of these great sites.  Let all the Dads (and kids!) out there know just how cool it is to read to and with our kids.

Happy Father’s Day!


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