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The Tree That Time Built:  Celebration of Nature, Science, and Imagination  Selected by Mary Ann Hoberman and Linda Winston

Just in time to kick off your Earth Day Celebration (April 22nd), this anthology of poetry is truly–as the subtitle proclaims–“a celebration of nature, science, and imagination.”  The collection combines wonder at the world through the dual lenses of  love of language and love of science.  Some poems speculate on the wonderful beginnings of things, like Earth, space, planets, atoms, and stars.   Other compelling poems invite readers to explore our intimate connections with plants and animals.  My favorite section is entitled “Everything that Lives Wants to Fly” with selections  by renowned poets like Theodore Roethke (“The Bat”) to more contemporary writers like Joseph Bruhac (“Feathers.”)  Fascinating footnotes make reference to natural selection and genetic connections across species. (Yes!  Timely references to  Charles Darwin and his work…) Yet there are equally delightful poems for very young children by Eve Miriam and X. J. Kennedy.

Best of all is the added bonus of a CD that features readings of 44 of the poems, including 18 poets reading their own work.  Enjoy this delightful collection with the children and adolescents in your life–and you might also share it with your adult friends, too.


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