Raquel Recommends LOCK AND KEY

Eighth grader Raquel Causey from Hillsboro, Oregon recommends. . .

Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen

If your mom left out of nowhere and you had to live with your sister you haven’t seen in years who put you in a rich kid school with no chance of fitting in, how would you feel?

Alone maybe? Mad or even a little scared? Well, Ruby has the same problem in Lock and Key, which has a romantic, thrilling, believable story which you’ll be dying to read.  (If you want to borrow my copy, you’ll have to wait until I’m done!)  If Sarah Dessen made me love it, you’re going to fall for it too.

Ruby is always thinking she’s on her own and doesn’t need anyone. When she ends up in her long lost sister’s house, she has no change of heart. She has huge choices to make like to either, go to college or fulfill her mother’s old dream and drop out. A series of events happen in the book, like how she ends up liking a boy or how her only best friend betrays her.

Ruby is my favorite character; she teaches us to think about our future. She is kind of a loner and you can relate to her in some ways. She has red hair and a pale face, with a thin body.

Nate would have to be my second favorite character; he is so helpful and sweet. Even with all the pressure on his back, he still finds a way to help out. He is Ruby’s new neighbor and they become great friends.

This book explains bad lives and how in the end it turns out to be great. There are twists and turns and you never will be able to guess what happens next. The characters make you believe what’s happening and how they felt.

Lock and Key is a great book and to tell the truth it’s one of my favorites. You’ll never want to put it down, and will end up reading it until 2am. It teaches us to focus about our future and let other people help you. Put this book in front of you and I swear you’ll fall for it, too.


Several of Raquel’s classmates have also allowed us to publish reviews of what they’re currently reading.  And for recommendations from kids of all ages, check out our Kids Recommend section.


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