Arial Recommends NIGHT WHISPERS

Eighth grader Arial Eatherton from Hillsboro, Oregon recommends. . .

Night Whispers by Erin Hunter

What would you do if you felt jealous of someone, then a stranger came along and told you if you let him help you, you could be better? This is what happened to Ivypaw in the book Night Whispers. I think this book is very well written, the best of Erin Hunter’s Warriors series.

What happens in this book that makes it so awesome and amazing, you say? Ivypaw is trained in the Dark Forest to be a better fighter. Her jealously is a perfect way to hide the fact that the cats training her are evil! Some of her friends find out she is being trained by enemies and try to convince her to stop, but she doesn’t listen. Will Ivypaw escape training before it is too late? When the time for battle comes, will she be fighting on the right side?! How will she resist being the best?!!!

OK, I know you must be excited by now! Suspense and danger fuel excitement in Night Whispers. Right when a problem is solved, another problem arises. It is a never ending roller coaster of rising action to reveal the climax in the next book.

Descriptions of all the characters in the beginning of Night Whispers allow you to have background information on every single character. A character is never in the spotlight for too long; everyone is important. This makes the book fun to read.

Night Whispers is part of Warriors, an adventure series full of excitement. I suggest you read all the books, so this book makes sense. Night Whispers is great for anyone who loves animals and adventures. So go to your local library or a bookstore and find the book Night Whispers by Erin Hunter!


Several of Arial’s classmates have also allowed us to publish reviews of what they’re currently reading.  And for recommendations from kids of all ages, check out our Kids Recommend section.


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