More Darwin Resources…

Still more Darwin?  Yep!  There were a few things that just didn’t seem to fit into any of the other posts, and we just couldn’t resist sharing them before we move on. . .  Enjoy!


Evolution: How We and All Living Things Came to BeEvolution: How We and All Living Things Came to BeHow We  (And All Living Things) Came to Be by Daniel Loxton

While this book is targeted for kids in the early teen years, it’s a great read for adults of all ages as well. Written and illustrated by the editor of Junior Skeptic, the children’s section of the science education and advocacy magazine, the book describes evolution in a straightforward manner with very helpful (and beautiful) illustrations to make it even clearer.  Our favorite part? The last chapter, which discusses many of the common misconceptions of evolution.


The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for EvolutionThe Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for EvolutionThe Greatest Show on Earth:  The Evidence for Evolutionby Richard Dawkins

Dawkins is a scientist and prolific evolutionary author.  He begins this book with  some background on his own writing, which has always assumed his readers accept evolution as a fact.  In this book, he takes a different tack, creating a lucid and compelling story of the evidence that is all around us for the case for evolution.  He’s a wonderful communicator and helps make Darwin’s theories clear.  For example:  “Every breed of dog,” Dawkins writes, “from dachshund to Dalmatian, from boxer to borzoi, from poodle to Pekinese, from Great Dane to Chihuahua, has been caved, chiseled, kneaded, moulded, not literally as flesh and bone but in its gene pool….The relevance to natural evolution is that, although the selecting agent is man and not nature, the process is otherwise the same.”


Ten Fun Facts about Charles Darwin

Did you know. . .Darwin once ate an owl? Or that his best birthday present was a real mountain?  Or how about the fact that Charles Darwin was a backgammon fiend?  Check out this website to learn more about these–and 7 other Darwin fun facts.


Charles Darwin and the Tree of LifeCharles Darwin and the Tree of LifeCharles Darwin and the Tree of Life (DVD) David Attenborough

This one-hour film is a celebration and tribute to Charles Darwin’s work and his contributions to our understanding of the living world around us.  David Attenborough is a wonderful spokesperson, pulling clips from previous nature documentaries and and providing fascinating commentary.  Beautifully filmed–and also quite entertaining!


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