What 8th Graders Are Reading (In 2011!)

Last year, we had a really great opportunity to get the inside scoop on what real kids in the 8th grade were reading (as opposed to what Hollywood, mainstream media, or some antiquated syllabus would have us believe), when Erin Ocon’s eighth-grade students  in Hillsboro, Oregon wrote thoughtful essays on a recently-read book.  This year, a new group of articulate and insightful kids gives us the 2011 version of what is new, or newly discovered, in the eighth grade this year.

Katherine, you reminded me how much I loved Ender’s Game (Ender, Book 1)Ender’s Game, and now I want to reread it, as well as the follow-up books about Ender’s world that Orson Scott Card has written over the years.  Warriors: Omen of the Stars #3: Night WhispersNight Whispers sounds right up my alley, too, so thanks to Arial for tipping me off  on a book filled with suspense, danger, and excitement–and a new character Ivypaw–that could lead me into Erin Hunter’s Warriors: The New Prophecy Box Set: Volumes 1 to 6Warriors series.

So come back and check out a new review every week for the next month or so… we bet it inspires you to pick up a new recommendation, or revisit one of your own favorite books that inspired you at that age!


Review of the week:


Kenny reviews Eragon


Previous Reviews:

Areyanna reviews Armageddon

Raquel reviews Lock and Key

Arial reviews Night Whispers

Katherine reviews Ender’s Game


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