National Fairy Tale Day

-posted by Meghan

Ever heard of National Fairy Tale Day?  Well, we hadn’t either.  It’s probably a completely made up holiday, I saw it publicized by a couple of local bookstores who are holding events for kids, and it seems to me that it’s a fabulous holiday to celebrate – much more fun than tons of the religious or Hallmark-y holidays.  But today, February 26th is officially National Fairy Tale Day, and we think you should celebrate.

It’s a timely holiday at my house, as my 4-year-old twins are just getting into fairy tales.  They love the predictability of the beautiful heroine and handsome hero who meet some kind of evil, triumph and “live happily ever after.”   They are just starting to tell their own fairy tales, which are a jumbled mish-mosh of plots, but invariably end with both kids chorusing “and they lived happily ever after…”

If you’re not sure how to celebrate, here’s what we have planned at our house, to give you some ideas:

We’re making fairy wings! (Use wire hangers, instead of the aluminum wire they specify.  And you can use two old pair of girls tights, instead of the “panty hose” they suggest.  Who still wears panty hose???)

-We’re reading our favorite current fairy tale book, Rumplestiltskin. (This Paul O. Zelinsky edition is gorgeous.)

-We’re telling fairy tales.  Every time I tell one, someone else in the family has to tell one- one we’ve read before or one they make up (those are my favorites).  I’m getting myself prepared to tell Sleeping Beauty about 500 times, since that’s the one they always ask for…

-We’re making balloon swords and crowns.  We actually learned how to do this for their 4th birthday party, and it’s tons of fun.  (And we have loads of balloons left over…)  There are loads of how-to videos on YouTube.

And I personally will be curling up at night with my favorite of these Cinderella retellings

Happy Fairy Tale Day!  And may you all live happily ever after…


2 Responses to National Fairy Tale Day

  1. Leslie Ato says:

    I love fairy tales 🙂 Happy Fairy Tales Day

  2. rosefamily says:

    Me too! Thanks for reminding me… I’ve been thinking of it as Oscar Day this year and Fairy Tale Day almost slipped my mind!

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