Books: Eat or Be Eaten

-posted by Meghan

Sometimes, there is nothing like serendipity.  One of my kids’ favorite authors is Oliver Jeffers.  And our favorite of his books is The Incredible Book-Eating Boy.  So one day, looking at new books at the library, we saw The Book that Eats People and since the similar titles made the kids think of a book they already loved, we had to take it home.  And we LOVED it.  Now, it’s a common pairing in our house: to read about a person who eats books and then immediately  read about a book that eats people as a chaser.  See which book resonates with the little people who devour books at your house!


The Incredible Book-Eating Boy by Oliver Jeffers
Henry loved books.  But not like you and I love books, not quite… Henry loved to eat books!  Thus begins the cautionary tale of Henry, who began eating books quite by accident one day and found that he could learn what was in a book by eating it.  He thought he could be the smartest boy on earth, but then suddenly, he found that there were consequences to eating books (my kids LOVE the sequence where he turns greener and greener and finally “boks” in the toilet).  What’s a book loving boy to do?  Perhaps he could read them… and still become the smartest boy on earth.  It just might take a bit longer.  The whole book brings about a big smile, and the final chomp is giggle inducing at our house (every single time!).


The Book That Eats People by John Perry, illustrated by Mark Fearing

Warning.  This book eats people.  We learn how this book began, how it became devious in hunting and tricking unsuspecting readers (especially those with sticky fingers), and what happens to bad books.  So finally they put a warning on this book.  To warn people, people like you and me, away from reading it.  If you hear the rustling of pages, it’s the book getting hungry…  (Kids love to yell this part, and any adult who enjoys reading aloud can have loads of fun pretending their fingers are getting nibbled as they handle the book with care!)


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