Why Read: Taylor Kinnersley

Some people don’t like reading.  They hate it, “it’s boring” or “it’s stupid.”  They’re wrong!  Reading is absolutely amazing!  Some books can be very inspiring or it can just be fun to read.  Reading has really impacted my life.  For example, books are always there for you.  Books can never get mad at you or break up with you.  They’ll never leave you unless you leave them.  Reading also gives me something to do if I have any spare time.  Also, if there’s something bad happening in your life you can just escape to a different world.
As you can tell I love to read!  I read almost every single day.  I personally don’t have a favorite book or author.  Most of the books I read are fantasy.  Fantasy is the best!  It’s so fun to imagine yourself in another crazy world with different types of powers or creature.  For example, Morgan Rice and Suzanne Collins are two very talented writers.  What makes authors good writers is when there’s a lot of emotions and senses in the book.  What makes it the best is when you can picture everything!  This is only a few reasons why you should read!
– Taylor Kinnersley


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