Why Read: Tashi Flaig

Dear future lovers of books,
If you don’t like to read, that should change, and it will change, just wait.  Books can take you to another world, or sometimes just change your view on the world we live in.  You can learn important lessons by reading, and you’ll be surprised by the things you start to realize when you find a good book.  Reading can also bring adventure and entertainment into you life, you can find yourself reading for hours and never wanting to stop because the book is so good.  I have learned a lot by reading, like, to not take things for granted and that there are more important things in life than what we see everyday.
You might still be asking the question “why read?”, but hopefully when you finish this you will know why.  In my opinion, this is why you should read:
Reading is amazing and never forget
Every book that you read you will never forget
All the hours you’ll spend enjoying a book
Don’t just sit around, go take a look
In the library there are books and games, but
Never forget to look by author’s last names, so
Go get a book right now!

Someone who loves to read
Tashi Flaig


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